Monday, 2 October 2017

Thing 3 - reusable image banks and creative commons - new terminology

Having always searched in Google for ‘copyright free’ or ‘free to use’ images to use within the library for posters or information to pass to staff and students, the introduction to Creative Commons has really interested me. Knowing that information and images may be shared via the creation of simple to use copy-right licencing really does open up a world of resources – whilst also allowing others to use something I create on my terms.

Working in a library setting, the words copyright are always at the forefront of everything we do and see – we liaise with our information providers and comply with their terms for allowing access to their sources, we advise staff and students on their research and use of materials, provide directions for referencing, and create hard and electronic displays promoting our services. Legal responsibility to adhere to copyright affects our daily work.

The establishment of Creative Commons is therefore an asset, an exciting resource and breath of fresh air. Yet the types of licence are quite tricky to comprehend at first glance, and need understanding before sources are used. I aim to use Creative Commons, but will be sure to double check the licence type and ensure I attribute correctly. Indeed the bestpractices information would be my initial go-to, and I’m grateful for the pointers provided.

I’ve attempted an example downloaded from Pixabay

I also created a Flickr album, which I plan to add photos to in due course..


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  1. I really enjoy your writing style. Very reflective. Thing 6 will be no bother to you.


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